Guide to Moray Speyside

Where is Moray Speyside?

Moray Speyside lies to the east of Inverness and to the west of Aberdeen. On the Inverness side lies the Highland region and on the Aberdeen side you’ll find Aberdeenshire. The lower part of the region lies in the Cairngorms National Park. It’s often said you can be sunbathing on the beach in the morning and skiing in the Cairngorms in the afternoon. Snow permitting!

What is Moray Speyside?

In guidebooks and the internet you will see the area referred to individually as Moray or Speyside and increasingly Moray Speyside.

Moray is the local government region. The Speyside area is most associated with the famous whisky producing region for example Macallan, Glenlivet and Glenfiddich which are all produced in Speyside.

Essentially Speyside is the same area as Moray (although it’s less strictly defined). A decision was made a few years ago to combine the terms and market the area as Moray Speyside mainly for tourism purposes.. This is why in your guide books and online you’ll see the area referred to as individual areas but more and more often as Moray Speyside.

When you come to the area and cross the regional borders, the signs say “Welcome to Moray” and the subtitle is “Malt Whisky Country”.

Map of Moray Speyside

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