Guide to Moray Speyside

Beaches in Moray

Hopeman West Beach
Hopeman West Beach beside the harbour

Moray has many beautiful sandy beaches. Here’s a comprehensive guide from west to east Moray Speyside which will hopefully help you decide which ones are the best for you to visit. There is a map at the bottom of the page with beach locations.

  • Findhorn Beach
  • Roseisle Beach
  • Burghead Beach
  • Cummingston Beach
  • Hopeman West Beach beside the harbour
  • Hopeman East Beach
  • Lossiemouth West Beach
  • Lossiemouth East Beach
  • Cullen Beach

In 2010 National Geographic rated 99 coastal destinations around the world. The Moray Firth earned a top rating. One judge said

“A wonderful region of Scotland. Beaches are fantastic, and the area welcomes visitors as one of their own. Largely rural. People work together for the greater good–fishermen tolerate canoeists; farmers allow walkers to pass over their land on footpaths, etc.”

The Moray Speyside region sits on the Moray Firth and this part of the coast has some of the best beaches.

Burghead Bay is a lovely curved bay stretching 11 miles from Findhorn beach to Burghead. In effect it’s one long sandy beach but the main entry points are Findhorn beach, Roseisle beach and Burghead beach.

Travelling east from Burghead you’ll find Cummingston beach, a little know gem even to the people of Moray. There are two beaches in Hopeman. The main beach in Hopeman has brightly coloured beach huts – a focal point for photographers. The other is Hopeman West Beach, a smaller stretch in front of the caravan site.

Lossiemouth East and West beaches have been popular since Victorian times – however both Lossie beaches are so long it’s always possible to find a secluded spot. West Beach which is known as silver sands leads to Covesea Lighthouse one of the icons of Moray. Lossie East Beach is not accessible as the old footbridge is to be replaced in the near future.

Cullen beach is the other major tourist beach in the area sitting on the eastern border of Moray in beautiful Cullen Bay.

The seaside towns are very popular places to stay with interesting accommodation including holiday cottages and caravans. Look out for cafes and restaurants using fresh local seafood and don’t forget to try some fish and chips. When you are on the beach, keep a look out for the Moray Firth Dolphins.

What’s the best beach in Moray? There are lots of contenders in the guide and we’ll let you decide.

Map of Moray Beaches

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