Guide to Moray Speyside

Bow Fiddle Rock

Bow Fiddle Rock in Portnockie near Cullen
Bow Fiddle Rock in Portnockie near Cullen

Bow Fiddle Rock is a wonderful natural sculpture rising from the Moray Firth, so called because it looks like the tip of a fiddle (violin) bow. Bow Fiddle Rock is a sea arch made from volcanic rock which has been eroded by the elements. In addition, the movement of tectonic plates has also played a role.  It’s probably one of the most photographed places in Moray and has been captured in many settings from calm to stormy seas to dramatic sunsets and even with the northern lights as a backdrop. In early summer it is home to hundreds of seabirds and of course, there’s always the possibility of seeing the Moray Firth Dolphins.

Bow Fiddle Rock is one of the most dramatic geological sites on the Moray Firth and is often photographed. This unusual structure provides a great setting to just pause and take in the view.

There is a walk along a well trodden coastal path to Cullen which takes in the wonderful Moray Firth. look out for dolphins and even minke whales.

How to get to Bow Fiddle Rock

It lies just off the eastern tip of the old village of Portnockie. Head towards Addison Road, go past some industrial units. There is a small parking area and a brown sign for Bow Fiddle Rock. If it’s not possible to park there, you can find a suitable place in the village and just walk down.

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