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Cragganmore Distillery

Cragganmore Distillery
Cragganmore Distillery

Cragganmore was established by John Smith in 1869 who had previously worked at Glenlivet, Macallan and Glenfarclas. Quite a CV! He chose the location at Cragganmore, to take advantage of the new (now closed) railway. Cragganmore means Great Rock in Gaelic.

The distillery has unusual spirit stills in that they have flat tops which further contribute to Cragganmore’s complex flavour and distinctive style.

Cragganmore is a little bit out of the way and hosts distillery tours and tastings in its own unique style. It’s not unusual to be on a tour with walkers who are walking the Speyside Way or even kayakers making their way down the River Spey.

Cragganmore Tours

Cragganmore Distillery Tours and Whisky Tastings are subject to availability particularly in the current Covid-19 climate. Always check their website to check latest opening times and availability on tours. It’s recommended you book in advance.

Cragganmore was one of the few distilleries in Scotland to offer a whisky and food pairing tour which explored the Cragganmore range and the interaction of Scottish food such as cheese and ham. It was also a distillery where you could taste from the Diageo range. Depending on what bottles were open you could find yourself tasting whiskies from Mortlach to Ben Rinnes to Blair Athol.

The Taste of Speyside Tour is a guided tour ending with the opportunity to experience the diversity of flavour in  the Cragganmore range. The Cragganmore Range Tasting Experience Sample 6 whiskies including one drawn from a duty paid cask.

Cragganmore Shop

The Cragganmore shop sells a wide range of Cragganmore styles and you are very likely to find distillery exclusives. In addition you will find single malts from the wide Diageo portfolio. Depending on availability, examples include Caol Ila, Talisker and Oban.

For the latest information about tours available at Cragganmore Distillery  visit their website.

Highlights and Summary

  • Range of distillery tours
  • Wide range of whiskies from other distilleries
  • Rural location, off the beaten track
  • Shop – Cragganmore, Mortlach, Ben Rinnes etc
  • Flavour profile – known for its complexity
  • Food & Whisky pairing tour
  • Look out for tours ending in the Cragganmore Club Room
How to get to Cragganmore Distillery

Cragganmore Distillery is situated deep in Speyside. You can use a local taxi service as there is no public transport to reach it. Cragganmore is on the Speyside Way long distance walk and is a popular stop. If you are driving, please note that drink driving laws in Scotland are extremely strict and there is a zero tolerance policy. Check with Cragganmore before booking as to how they cater for drivers.  For detailed directions click on the link within the map.

Sister Distilleries

Cragganmore Distillery is owned by Diageo. There are other distilleries you can visit within the group, each with its own distinctive single malt character and tour type. These include Blair Athol Distillery and Oban Distillery.

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