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Some of Best Whisky Bars in Speyside

Speyside whisky region has some of the best whisky bars in Scotland serving an array of malt whisky often backed by knowledgeable bar staff. You can buy rare drams at what seems incredibly low prices. Prices often reflect the original price of the whisky … not always the current auction value of an unopened bottle.

Most of the whisky pubs and bars are down to earth unpretentious places where you should find a warm welcome. It makes no difference if you are beginning your whisky journey or you have lots of knowledge.

The Copper Dog

The Copper Dog Bar has a very wide selection of single malts and is the local Scottish Malt Whisky Society bar (SWMS). Some distillery workers used to help themselves to a dram or two. A copper dog was a tube with a penny soldered on one end and a chain on the other. The worker would dunk the copper tube in the barrel of whisky, draw it up and cork the end. The copper dog was often tied to the inside of the worker’s trousers and smuggled out of the distillery at the end of the day.

Copper Dog, Craigellachie Hotel, Victoria St, Craigellachie, Aberlour AB38 9SR

The Highlander Inn Whisky Bar

Also situated in Craigellachie, a short walk from the Copper Dog is the Highlander Inn Whisky Bar. A very  friendly pub with a strong local following. Tatsuya Minagwa bought the business in 2015 and now as well an extensive Scotch whisky selection it has a superb Japanese whisky collection to sample from. The menu is extensive however, advice is on hand and there are a range of flights e.g. Balvenie vertical flight and another showing regional differences in a journey around Scotland.

The Highlander Inn, Craigellachie, Speyside, Banffshire, AB38 9SR

The Mash Tun

As well as being a whisky bar, the Mash Tun is a local pub popular for its food. Situated in Aberlour a stone’s throw from the River Spey. This was originally “The Station Bar” and the story goes that if the trains return to Aberlour, the name will revert back. A strong array of whiskies including from nearby Aberlour Distillery. The Mash Tun has an extensive selection of Glenfarclas single malts by distillation year. Ideal if you have ever want to celebrate that special birthday or anniversary.

The Mash Tun, Broomfield Sq, Aberlour AB38 9QP

Learn about the whisky making process from grain to glass by visiting Speyside’s Distilleries. There’s a list of Speyside distilleries offering tasting and tours here.

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