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Highland Cows in Moray & Speyside

A Highland Cow Calf
A Highland Cow Calf

Highland Cows (often referred to as Hieland Coos or Hairy Coo) are one of Scotland’s most appealing and iconic animals. You can see Highland Cows in the Moray Speyside area often near the distilleries.

They are able to thrive in areas of poor soil and grazing and are often associated with the west coast of Scotland rather than of Moray and Speyside. They are able to withstand lots of rain and snow, with a thick woolly coat providing a warm barrier. The climate in the Moray Speyside region is much drier making for more pleasant living conditions for the Highland Cow!

Highland Cow meat is known for being tender, low in fat and cholesterol although it’s still quite rare to see it on a restaurant menu.

Their appealing photogenic looks with shaggy coats, big eyes and nose, inquisitive nature have made them a must see for tourist trips to Scotland. Promotional tourism videos will often feature Highland Cows and so anything from cushions, to art to shortbread boxes.

Where to see Highland Cows in Moray and Speyside?

A popular thing to do is to find a Highland Cow or two! There are safe places to see Highland Cows in Moray and Speyside. Although there are no guarantees, you will often see Highland Cows in the field beside Glenfiddich Visitor Car Park in Dufftown. Cardhu Distillery often has Highland Cows nearby.

Although they look peaceful animals, they can be aggressive when protecting their young. In addition, their horns can cause injury, even from the other side of a fence.

Highland Cows are an increasingly familiar sight in Scotland and are often stops as part of an organised as there is great interest in seeing them.

Highland Cow
Highland Cows can be seen in a few places on Speyside.
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