Guide to Moray Speyside

Great places to photograph in Moray Speyside

River Spey at Craigellachie Bridge in winter
River Spey at Craigellachie Bridge in winter

Moray and Speyside offers great landscape and subject photography. The longer summer days can mean earlier starts and later evenings to get the best of the light however, occasional stormy dark skies can mean a beautiful daylight perfect for photography.

  • Elgin Cathedral
  • Hopeman Beach Huts
  • Craigellachie Bridge
  • Strathisla Distillery
  • Ballindalloch Castle
  • Bible Gardens
  • Barley Fields
  • Dolphin Photography
  • Bow Fiddle Rock

Elgin Cathedral

The ruins of Elgin Cathedral are one of the most photographed sites in Moray Speyside. It’s possible to take great photographs from the perimeter or pay the admission to get up close as well as being able to climb the tower for views over the city.

Biblical Gardens

The Biblical Gardens beside Elgin Cathedral have all the plants mentioned in the bible. They make an interesting subject and are ideal for macro photography. Other gardens worth looking out for include Ballindalloch Castle and Glen Grant Distillery gardens.

Strathisla Distillery

Strathisla Distillery in Keith is a traditional whisky distillery in Scotland, with water wheel, pagoda roofs, old stonework and a long history. A contender for the most beautiful distillery in Scotland. All Speyside distilleries are great places for photography. Look out for beautiful gardens, pagoda roofs, old copper stills and Highland Cows. There are quite a few Speyside distilleries open to the public.

Hopeman Beach Huts

There are very few places in Scotland with beach huts, however Hopeman beach has brilliant ones, some handed down from generation to generation. As well as close up, there are views across to the huts from the Hopeman Harbour.

Craigellachie Bridge

Craigellachie Bridge was built in 1814 by Thomas Telford. It stretches across the River Spey and is associated with the Malt Whisky Trail as well as being used in distillery promotional videos. Changing seasons add to its charm. It’s a popular backdrop for wedding photographs.

Barley Fields

Moray is the perfect environment from growing barley and midsummer sees fields of gold crowding the landscape. Combine harvesters work flat out providing an extra angle on the subject.

Dolphin Photography

Although, with patience there is a good chance of seeing dolphins, photographing them usually requires a little practice. Observe their behaviour and try to anticipate their movements. Take multiple images as they are very quick!

Bow Fiddle Rock

One of nature’s sculptures, Bow Fiddle Rock occupies a dramatic position on the Moray Firth.

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